Gaggia Mdf Grinder

gaggia mdf grinderEven though the Gaggia MDF Grinder is essentially for home use, it can be regarded as a commercial grade grinder similar to those used in coffee shops. It is solidly constructed and performs extremely well.

When dosing with this machine, a premeasured quantity of ground coffee is dispensed either into the portafilter or into a small container. Dosing is achieved by operating a dosing lever; each pull of the lever dispenses a single dose of ground coffee. The portafilter is positioned on a molded insert allowing for easy dispensing.

The power of the Gaggia MDF Grinder makes it possible for any coffee beans to be ground to any degree of finess or coarseness as required. One would expect the 120 watt heavy duty motor to be noisy, however the machine is surprisingly quite. There are thirty-nine different settings for the grinding burrs which are more than adequate to find the exact fineness you require. The grind settings are displayed on the grounds container. The grinder has a large 10oz hopper and an 8oz container for ground coffee, both of which have a tinted finish – good for hiding any discoloration usually caused by grinding coffee beans.

A feature of the Gaggia MDF Grinder is the dosing process.

Because the doser, which dispenses 1 shot per pull of the lever, dispenses directly into the portafilter, you are able to easily transfer your ground coffee directly to your coffee machine. For a double shot, all you need to do is pull the dosing lever twice, making it very simple to get exact doses.

Unlike blade grinders which cut rather than grind the coffee beans, the quality burr grinders of the Gaggia MDF Grinder provide a better grind, ensuring coffee is easily and consistently tamped.

While it is unlikely that you will need to use all of the available grind settings, you will be spoilt for choice in finding the settings that suit you best. Easy to use, fast, as well as quite, the Gaggia MDF grinder is an excellent accompaniment to your home espresso machine.

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