How To Make The Perfect Coffee

how to make the perfect coffee    Clean your espresso machine on a regular basis, then season it by running 3 or 4 cups of coffee through the group head to get rid of any cleaning     chemical residue.

  Freshly grind your coffee from fresh beans. The more oxygen that gets to the beans, the more stale the brew, so keep them tightly sealed. Don’t put coffee inside the refrigerator – the oils will undergo a chemical change. Keep it at room temperature.

  Find the perfect grind. Using a good quality grinder will make a significant difference. If coffee is ground too fine, low extraction will result and the coffee will taste bitter and perhaps burnt. If the coffee is too coarse, extraction will be too fast and the coffee will be flat.

  Tamp freshly ground coffee tightly and evenly in the portafilter basket.

  Extract the correct amount of coffee – never over-extract, as it results in being bitter. Do not let the stream of crema to turn yellow.  Continuing to extract will only add watery, bitter coffee.

  Texturize the milk by stretching it with air and rolling out the bubbles to whip up a froth.

  Don’t overheat the milk. Getting the right temperature is very important in bringing out the sweetness of the coffee. The initial sip should be hot, and subsequent sips less so, but not lukewarm.

  Pour the milk before it separates.

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