Do’s And Dont’s When Making Coffee

do\'s and dont\'s when making coffee


  Make sure shots are 1 fluid ounce: 26-30 seconds extraction.

   Make coffee as soon as the group handle is inserted.

    Empty the basket and flush the group head as soon as you finish making coffee.

    Wipe clean and purge the steam wand after each use.  

   Scrub baskets and group handle with clean water. 

   Backflush the espresso machine frequently.

   Keep the preparation area clean.

  Use a suitable milk thermometer and aim for 149 degrees Fahrenheit.  

  Empty beans from the coffee grinder hopper each day, wipe the hopper with a clean, damp cloth



  Allow the beans in the grinder hopper get below one third full.

  Grind more coffee than is required.

  Put coffee grinds into a wet, dirty or cold basket.

  Let the milk sit around after texturing. Keep it swirling!

  Try to add texturing to the milk (sucking noise) once it has passed 40 degrees centigrade.

  Reuse milk that has already been heated.

  Serve coffee in a cold cup


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Do’s And Dont’s When Making Coffee